2020 Accomplishments

We could not have done it without your support!

A select list of noteworthy accomplishments so far:

  • Created and maintained a mailing list of nearly 300 neighbors concerned about Edgehill Mountain development.

  • Conducted two letter writing campaigns.

  • Campaigned to convey the level of concern neighbors have regarding the unsuitability of the proposed development, and to put pressure on the Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection to turn down the permit application.

  • Campaigned to gather letters requesting an early Structural. Advisory Committee review meeting for the proposed development because of the instability of Edgehill Mountain, and to require a full Environmental Impact Report on the project.

  • CARE researched and prepared a 50 page report  in response to Planning’s request for neighborhood input. The report was organized by the Initial Project Study categories being considered by Planning for this project.

  • Sought and established legal representation.